Family / Wedding Pixel Portrait
A unique way to capture your friends, family and loved ones! 

Pixel Portraits are custom, hand-stitched likenesses of your friends and loved ones. Looking for a quirky alternative to the usual family portrait - here's your answer! Pixel Portraits also make wonderful Mother's & Father's Day gifts. Perhaps even a gift for your cotton wedding anniversary?

Why stop at the immediate family? Why not include grandparents, friends or pets? Is there a particular object that sums the person up? Include it! Each portrait has the option to come framed in a chunky wooden frame.

How To Order Your Portrait


1. This listing covers a family of up to 5 (plus a couple of pets!) - larger families or more detailed orders are absolutely fine but will cost a little more. I love a challenge though, so if you have something different or a little crazy in mind, let's talk!
2. All you'll need is an accurate photo (or a few is even better!) of each person/animal you'd like to include along with a description of the kind of outfits you'd like them to be wearing. If you'd like the person to be holding an object, please bear in mind this works best with small scale objects.
3. As each portrait is made to order, please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery. Depending on the waiting list, it may be sooner but if you have a specific event as a deadline, please get in touch prior to ordering.

And it's as simple as that!

Get Yours!


Place your order here - then send your photographs here.
I'll respond to confirm your order and then I'll get to work!

If you have a gift certificate, email your pictures here to get started.
Please ensure you include the gift code on your certificate.