Summertime plans...

Whilst flicking through my ever growing list of blogs, I stumbled upon the lovely hula seventy's list of things she intends to do this summer. Inspired, I have created my own. Let's see how many we've done by the time the leaves start turning orange...

1. Relax! (Something I'm not very good at...)
2. Make a key lime pie (I love this recipe)
3. See my best friends get married
4. Have many BBQs!
5. Conquer my fear of the sewing machine
6. See Toy Story 3 - cannot wait!
7. Go fruitpicking
8. Have picnics in the park
9. Make ice cream
10. Find a mint plant for outdoor impromptu mojitos
11. Welcome 2 new babies into the world
12. Drink copious amounts of iced tea
13. Watch things grow in my little garden
14. Celebrate our 7 year anniversary
15. Unpack the remaining boxes
16. Listen to Adam's Big Mixtape on Sunday Mornings
17. Eat fish and chips at Tynemouth
18. Visit my dear friend Sarah in Nottingham
19. Learn some Greek phrases ready for our trip to Santorini
20. Have a Bollywood themed dinner party

Can't wait!

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