Local Heroes: No. 2 'The Beaconsfield'

The second location in this (very sporadic) series of 'Local Heroes' is 'The Beaconsfield'.

At first glance, this might seem like a rather peculiar choice - as on the outside it seems like just some pub. However, it's what's on the menu that makes this one of my favourite places to spend a quiet Saturday afternoon.

The food is much more akin to a café or gastropub, than your average reheated pub fare. J and I ordered the 'Burger Sharing Platter' on our first visit and were more than pleasantly surprised when we were presented with this!

Homemade burgers, smothered with cheese between warm ciabatta bread served with chunky chips on a very satisfying wooden slab. Wonderful stuff! Team this with cold ginger beer or fairtrade hot drinks and you have yourself a very pleasant afternoon indeed!

Fancy a visit yourself? Find them here!

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