Mistress England

Moving across the U.K. today there is a wave of excitement - for it is today we gain a princess (though admittedly, a lot of the national excitement stems from the fact most of us have an unexpected day off work!). 
Not surprisingly, we are currently being bombarded by Royal Wedding memorabilia - thousands of items to help us all celebrate this 'momentous' day. I swear I saw a poster on my way to work the other morning saying 'Celebrate the Royal Wedding with ham!'. 

Whilst I will probably end up watching the wedding itself (just incase something like
this happens mind you!), I was rather pleased when I found this alternative take on the situation on the Guardian website a few weeks ago.

So, here we have a song by one of my favourite artists, Emmy the Great - a lament for all the mothers out there who dreamed that their daughter would marry Prince William.