Penguin Threads

I'm guessing most people out there will have already seen these, but I just couldn't resist posting them myself. 

These beautiful pieces were created by artist Jillian Tamaki for Penguin's new range of classic literature. I just find them so irresistible! Aren't they stunning?

When you read as many art/craft blogs as I do, you see a lot of concepts for book covers that will never see a real print run - so, for me, the best thing about these is that they will be available to buy very shortly! To create the illusion of embroidery on each copy, they will be finished with a sculptural embossing technique - definitely the next best thing to embroidering each copy!

You can pre-order Emma, The Secret Garden and Black Beauty before their release some time in the Autumn. Is it too early to be compiling my Christmas list?