Maurizio Anzeri

image courtesy of Baltic 

Have you been to the Baltic lately? You haven't? Oh but you must! There's an exhibition closing soon that you all absolutely must see!

Using vintage photographs found at flea markets and estate sales, Italian artist Maurizio Anzeri uses intricate embroidery to create stunning mask-like adornments across the faces of those pictured. The result is incredibly striking and like nothing I have seen before (except perhaps spirograph, but I digress).

Perhaps unsurprisingly the exhibition has split opinions quite drastically - with some visitors actually becoming physically nauseous, whilst others, like myself, could spend hours studying the intricacies of the work. On my last visit, I spent a while lurking behind a group of ladies who were having a lengthy (and at times a little over dramatic) debate on the morality of it all! Fascinating stuff.

The exhibition closes on 2nd October so hurry down!