Instagram April

Is it too late to post about April? It feels like just 5 minutes ago but my calendar has rudely reminded me that we're closer to June.

In April, Instagram *finally* came to Android - and about time too! I've rather envied iPhone users having all the photographic fun for the past year or so. But now I have my very own copy on my little HTC and have loved taking snapshots of my more 'everyday' encounters. So rather than bore you all with tales of what I got up to, how's about a little photo journalling?

April started (and finished) with a major home renovation project.

It also brought the Spring sales, and provided me with 2 beautiful new dresses!

A new tradition was started in our household - Easter baskets.

My favourite jewellers released an *amazing* Mexican inspired collection.

The sun shone ever-so-briefly upon the cherry blossoms.

Exciting parcels arrived...

...containing treasures and treats!

There were rainy afternoons in, spent baking...

... and sunny afternoons out, at the local art gallery.

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