It rained on our parade...

I think it says a lot about a place when, despite a severe flood warning, a few hundred people turn out to see a street carnival. Last Friday night, the MACNAS street theatre company came to my hometown of Chester-le-Street, near Durham as part of the Brass Festival and braved the rain to put on a show for us.

To be honest, when faced with the weather forecast I was in two minds as to whether to venture out of the house at all, but when it comes down to it, I can't resist a parade. So off we went.

As we arrived, a few brave brass bands were huddled under shop fronts, entertaining the umbrella-ed crowds as they waited for the main event. The event itself took the form of an enormous dog puppet, carrying a group of brass players, with a gramophone for a tail - know as 'The Brassy Hound'. So, not something you see every day.

The hound was flanked by steampunk-esque dancers and suited woodland creatures on stilts. All wonderfully weird.

The event rounded off with flame throwers, confetti canons and fireworks - well worth braving the inclement weather.

To convey a little of the atmosphere, here's a little video of the Brassy Hound himself. A great night, rain or no rain.

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