Japan Week: Day Two

Welcome back to Japan Week folks! Let's dive right into reasons 3 and 4 why Japan is awesome shall we? If you missed reasons 1 and 2 catch up here first, we'll be waiting for you!

3 - Japanese Theme Parks

Photo - Amazing Only
Regular readers will know that I'm a bit of a theme park nut, so naturally were I ever to visit the Land of the Rising Sun, I'd be a fool not to see what was on offer! I discovered this amazing rollercoaster via Pinterest - located in Cosmo Land, it dives down into an underwater tunnel! 

Photo - Asia Horizon
And of course, Disney geek that I am, I'd be crazy not to check out Tokyo's very own Disneyland! I've heard tell that their kawaii take on the (admittedly already) cute Disney characters is a sight to be seen. I'd probably have to take an entirely empty suitcase to fit all my adorable souvenirs in! Plus, there's the lesser known sister park Disney Seas - yep, you got it, a whole park devoted to Disney's aquatic pictures. Whimsy at it's finest my friends.

Photo - Mouse Planet
But wait, it gets cuter! At Sanrio Puroland, you can visit Japan's most famous feline 'Hello Kitty' and her adorable brethren. Visitors can stop by Hello Kitty's house or take in a musical (complete with some of the most bizarre dancers I've ever seen!)

Photo - Tokyo E-Zine
Photo - Flickr

4 - Mount Fuji

Photo - Snowolf Mission

Japan's most famous summit - Mount Fuji. Isn't it majestic? The peak has become synonymous with the country, with its snow covered cap featuring in art - perhaps most famously this print by Hokusai (part of his series '36 Views of Mount Fuji').

Photo - Blue Moon Palette
Fuji-san is actually a dormant volcano (last erupting in the 1700s). Many years ago, lava flows round the base of the mountain formed a series of frozen caves which, in the past, were used as refrigerated storage in the years before electricity. A little nature, a little history - wonderful!

Photo - Wikipedia

So that was three and four - one a series of man made spectacles, the other a site of outstanding natural beauty. Opposite ends of the spectrum, both equally inspiring.

Join us again tomorrow as Japan Week continues!

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