I've been having another one of those days. I've written about it before. Days where you crave order, tidyness in the extreme. It soothes my soul.

As per usual Pinterest came to my rescue. A little while back I pinned this little delight.

As someone who runs a craft business, I am in possession of *a lot* of embroidery thread, which all gets bundled into a paper bag at the end of every portrait and cross stitch I do. In short, it was an embarrassing mess. See?

That's not even all of it. Yeesh.

So off I skipped, got myself some pegs and starting winding. Man oh man, it was therapeutic. And of course once they were wound, I was compelled to sort them. 

And then, all was right with the world.

(Oh and if you want to come find me on Pinterest - I'm here!)