Dala Horses

Earlier this year, J got himself a new job that has been taking him over to Scandinavia on a semi-regular basis. When he returned from a trip to Sweden a month or so ago, I was presented with this lovely little specimen - a Dala Horse! Isn't he great? 

These little wooden sculptures are a traditional Swedish handicraft - originally toys for small children. The decoration on their saddles and bridles vary depending on the area in which they were made. Though they originated in the province of Dalarma, nowadays, they are fast becoming a symbol for all of Sweden. 

World's largest Dala Horse - Wikipedia
Having this little guy in my home has inspired me to search for Dala Horse related craft projects online (does that surprise you?). Top of my list is this *amazing* cross stitch cushion pattern - just beautiful. It looks like an epic undertaking, but that's all part of the fun right?

Right! I'm off to order some linen and get started...


  1. very nice pictures! I always love fashion, the shoes are in new trends, others might be seen from the past decades but they are still in trend today.
    Keep posting new pics and will keep posted.

    Boys pyjama

  2. I am a big dala horse fan as well, as my ethnic background is half Scandinavian and the other half British. How can I get this pattern?


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