Recipe: Rhubarb Gin

Remember those New Year's Resolutions I was harping on about a few weeks ago? Well, one of them was to make my own flavoured alcohol. J and I had a good start with a batch of sloe gin we made before Christmas and were inspired to make more!

The internet is awash with recipes for things like Skittles vodka, which, while fun, are a little more studenty than I was hoping for. But then I stumbled upon the idea of rhubarb vodka. 'Delicious!' I cried, but we're not really vodka drinkers - so we used our heads and adapted the recipe to work with gin. And here it is!

Rhubarb Gin (adapted from this recipe)
You will need:
1 x 400g bag of rhubarb (chopped and trimmed to make around 340g)
50g sugar
70cl of gin (nothing fancy required - the value range will do nicely!)
A splash of lemon juice
Simple syrup of 2 parts sugar to 1 part water (here around 70g sugar/35ml water)
Large jar/bottle with a lid you can seal firmly

1. Chop the rhubarb (chucking out the tops and tails) into 1-2 inch pieces and throw it all in the jar. You want the pinkest rhubarb you can get - none of that green stuff! 

2. Add the sugar (omit the simple sugar syrup for the meantime) and the lemon juice, then give everything a good shake. (I encourage you to smell it at this stage - divine!)

3. Add your gin and, once again, give everything a good shake up. Don't worry if your sugar settles at the bottom. This will dissolve in time. Place your mix in a dark place and shake every other day for at least 2 weeks. Over this time, the sugar will dissolve and your mix will become pinker and tastier by the day!

4. When the time is up, strain your mix through a sieve or coffee filter and then sweeten with your simple syrup to taste. Once it's just right, you can bottle it up and either give it as a gift or keep it all to yourself and drink it!

Pretty easy right? I think my next adventure into flavoured alcohol will be this delightful concoction by Katie Cakes - Turkish Delight Vodka! *swoons*

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  1. Sounds great - a friend at work was asking me if I had any ideas for using up the vast quantities of rhubarb he has growing in his garden... I think I do now! :)


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