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Happy New Year everyone! How is 2012 treating you all so far?

Over here at Scarlet Pyjamas HQ, I am up to my neck in new year's resolutions. Though I've never been one for the 'traditional' type of resolution - the "I want to get fit / eat better / etc" type - I do like to take a minute on January 1st to think about the things I want to achieve in the year to come. Usually a skill I want to learn, a place I want to visit - something which will be fun and enriching rather than a gruelling task!

Top of my list this year was to add a new range to the Scarlet Pyjamas store - Pixel Portraits. I've been working on these little lovelies since late last year and I'm so excited to finally be able to launch them officially!

Inspired by a 'Martha Stewart Living' article I read last year, Pixel Portraits are custom made cross stitch portraits in the style of pixel art. Almost like a tiny version of caricature! I made a series of these for friends and family this Christmas - to test the water - and they are now available for commission on my Etsy store!

It's not just people - pets can get in on the action too!

And I just had to share a little self-portraiture - here's the Pixel Portrait of me and J!

If you would like to check out the whole gallery, you can now befriend us on Facebook! Come and say hi!

Have you got any exciting new year's resolutions?

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