Local Heroes: No. 3 - Hiyou

Today's 'Local Hero' may at first seem like an unusual choice - the HiYou Supermarket in Newcastle. 

But don't be fooled dear reader, this is not just a supermarket (though it is a damn fine one). HiYou offers a top notch Oriental deli with freshly prepared food - hot and cold - plus instore seating for customers to enjoy their treats straight away. Sushi, steamed pork buns, gyoza, even ice creams - you want it, they've got it!

Originally, J and I only popped in for a few grocery items and ended up staying for lunch. I opted for this rather delectable looking sushi platter (a steal at about £7 - very impressive considering just how much fish was there!).

J went for a large bowl of their udon and gyoza soup (another bargain at £4.50 and wonderfully warm on a cold day).

Normally, I'm skeptical of sushi that isn't prepared to order - the rice tends to be hard and tasteless. This sushi platter could have been made 5 minutes before I ate it, the fish was fresh and melted in the mouth, the rice was soft and packed with flavour. If you're after a bargain daytime date, or just some tasty Asian fare on the move - get yourself down there!