Doodle Flix

Where in the world has February gone? It seems to have slipped through my fingers what with one and thing and another. Mostly busy-ness. And pancakes...

It was pancakes that led me to today's post in fact. Here in the UK, we celebrated Shrove Tuesday - or as it's more commonly known in this country Pancake Day - this week. J and I went all out with a giant stack each smothered with syrup, chocolate, jam, marshmallow fluff, the works! Afterwards, in my pancake-stupor, I was idly browsing the Internet on my laptop and happened upon something rather lovely.

The Doodle Flix project is a tumblr set up to display artwork drawn on the back of bright red Netflix DVD rental envelopes. People have created some really amazing artwork and on such an ephemeral medium. As a Lovefilm customer myself, I'm rather sad I can't contribute - their envelopes are so covered with ads! But I shall be following this project with interest.

Below are some of my favourites.

Amelie Poulain by Tim Hodge

By Tim Hodge

By Leah Palmer Preiss

Bat Country by Bryan Quiroz

Anyone else feeling inspired to get the Sharpies out?