Global Rainbow

In the UK, we're currently on the much hyped run-up to being the host nation for the Olympics and Paralympics this summer. I must confess, I'm not exactly a sports fan (I know, shocking right?) so I'm not really that psyched about the whole thing. When it comes down to it, I'll probably watch the opening ceremony then wander off for the rest!

However, it seems the good people of the Olympics Trust have created something I actually can get my teeth into - the Cultural Olympiad. The programme sees artists creating experiences and installations around the country celebrating creativity and international culture. Proceedings were kicked off in the good old North East last week with 'Global Rainbow' by Yvette Mattern. A series of rainbow lasers shining down the coastline from St Mary's Lighthouse in Whitley Bay. 

All for any kind of art-based adventure, J and I packed ourselves into the car that Friday night and hightailed it to the coast to take a look!

Once we'd shaken the crazy amount of traffic and crowds, we headed down the beach where we were treated to the spectacle in all its glory - without the distraction of light pollution. It was really rather beautiful and surprisingly tranquil considering how many spectators were around.

During our walk I couldn't resist playing around with the light a little - shaking the camera mid-shot to see what patterns I could create!

The next event to visit us 'Flow' - a sound sculpture creating music from the river Tyne. It's already moored at the Quayside, so I can't wait to go and explore when it lets us onboard!