Instagram May (and a new blog design!)

Hi everyone! Did you miss me? Sorry I've been AWOL of late. I've been busily 'building my empire' - lots of exciting things in the pipeline that I shall be sharing with you all in due course, the first of which is the shiny new blog design! Hurrah! (Those of you reading in RSS readers, why not come join us on the site? It's worth a look I promise!)

The eagle-eyed among you will notice we now have a side menu over on the left there where you can find all the recipes and craft tutorials in one place - so now you can browse the archives with just the click of the button! The future is now people!

So, to kickstart everything again, here's a little photojournalling from my May adventures...

There were late night wanders around Newcastle's China town.

The Late Shows rolled round again and were thoroughly enjoyed (more on that later).

Exciting parcels arrived from Japan.

J and I enjoyed a rare trip to the theatre to see Avenue Q - a delight from start to finish!

A new American candy store opened in the Metro Centre - I could barely contain my Reese's joy!

It was holiday time! And no holiday is complete without a trip to a theme park.

I spent a happy, sunny afternoon in my old stomping ground - Nottingham.

So, how have we all been? What's the buzz?