So,  I was all set to write a proper blog post today. Honest I was. I settled down in my cosy writing spot, with my notes and everything. See?

Then, the sky got REALLY dark. Night time dark. From my bedroom window I can see down into the Tyne Valley - today the view was of an extremely ominous looking cloud.

What followed isn't really covered by the word 'storm'. Regular garden variety storms don't have their own hashtag - #newcastleendofdays. First there was thunder, then fork lightning. And then the rain came.

Here's a couple of pictures from the good folk of the Internet showing what it looks like where I am right now...

Shared by @victorialr_ 

Shared by Kathman2 

West Jesmond Metro Station. Shared by @Harry Ramshaw

Shared by Philip Taylor on Facebook

This is one is 3 minutes from my house. Fortunately we live on top of a hill and were spared any damage.

So yeah, I was a little distracted this afternoon. Still waiting on J coming home from work. He has to pass through the area shown in that last picture to get here. Not sure how that one's going to work... 

** Addendum - I just had to add this picture, which I found after I published this post. The storm over Newcastle as seen from the air. I've never seen anything like it!**

Shared by @StudioPrecept

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