An adventure on British soil...

The sun is shining on Scarlet Pyjamas towers this morning (and has been for the past few days - must be some kind of record!), which always puts me in a holiday frame of mind. We've already taken our 'vacation' this year, so sunny days like today usually end up with me wistfully revisiting all my holiday snaps. So. Instead of keeping them all to myself, I thought I'd share them with you lovely lot!

This year's trip took the form of a big family adventure down to the Peak District - about a 4 hour drive south from our native North East. Even though I did my university studies just over the border in Nottingham, I had never visited this pretty part of the world - so it was all new to us!

Scarlet Pyjamas British Holiday
Note: this is not my car on the left - I wish!

We all shared this absolutely beautiful 'bothy' in the heart of the Derbyshire countryside - other than the main farmhouse, there wasn't another building or person in sight!

Scarlet Pyjamas British Holiday
Seriously, how pretty? And yes that is me reading at breakfast - thanks for snapping that Mam!

At the bottom of the garden, we found a pretty little pond filled with moorhen chicks. We also discovered this teeny little sauna hut - but with temperatures at a very un-British 30˚C we decided it was too warm to partake!

A teeny doorway even compared to my short stature!

Though there were no people in sight, that's not to say we didn't have any neighbours...

In the nearest village to us, Ashbourne, the residents had gone all out with the bunting for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Genuinely the most bunting I have ever seen in my life. J took this pic hanging out of the car window - hence the jaunty angle. 

During our trip we took delight in all the usual tourist-y activities...

We flew kites.

This is Wollaton Hall, Nottingham - the location used for Wayne Manor in the new Batman movie!

Visited heritage sites and stately homes.

Checked out the local food festival.

Got absolutely drenched at Alton Towers!

Explored down caves and travelled up mountains in cable cars.

Naturally we took the opportunity to quote Monty Python and the Holy Grail here!

Took advantage of ridiculous photo ops.

Visited the local towns - this one is Matlock Bath. Any town that has Pancake Caf├ęs next to fabric shops is just fine with me!

Other than the fabric - this is entirely made out of chocolate! Amazing right?

Visited Cadbury World...

...and posed with the local celebrities!

On the way home we took a detour/pilgrimage to the little town of Bakewell to try out some authentic - you guessed it! - Bakewell tarts! Delicious they were too! They didn't last long enough to take a picture of though...

This shop was a particular highlight for me. 'Lady Fair' is a shop for ladies. It sells lady things such as frocks, knitting patterns and baby items. You know, anything a lady might need! Well, it made me laugh...

All in all, a marvellous trip on home soil. Where is everyone else adventuring to this summer?

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