Work in progress...

At any one time I usually have a host of crafty projects on the go. I've never been a 'one thing at a time' kind of girl - perhaps that means I'm a good multi-tasker or perhaps it means I have the attention span of a 3 year old. Who can say.

At the minute, my crafts in progress pile looks a little something like this...

To be honest, that's not even all of them, it's just the ones that would fit in the shot! I figured, if I mention them here, that makes me accountable to all of you - so I have to get a move on and finish them! (And then start 7 or 8 new ones...)

This is one, upon completion, will be a single bed sized blanket made from chunky aran yarn - one for the winter months I think! The pattern is inspired by this year's chevron trends and I've tweaked it a little bit by adding uneven band widths. As it gets bigger, I'm hoping to have some really wide stripes to contrast with the really thin ones. 

This granny square blanket is a little more traditional than the previous one. I decided to make this after finishing my epic-ly huge granny stripe blanket a little while back. Once that one was done, I was left with a pile of very small yarn balls that I had no idea what to do with. After getting a little inspiration from Attic 24, I decided that granny squares were the way forward. No idea how big this one will end up. We'll see...

This last one isn't for me. In fact it's a surprise for a friend. So I can't say too much. But I will...

What are you working on at the minute?


  1. Whenever I see an in progress shot like this, I sigh with relief. I flit between projects, so I'm pleased to see others do too!

  2. Oh I definitely do, as you say, nice to know others do too! Thanks for reading :)


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