Disney Villain Couture

A few months ago, Disney launched their range of Princess Couture Dolls. They were nice and all, but a bit overly glam for my tastes. But then, whilst browsing Pinterest (as I so often do these days), I stumbled upon a new range, set to launch this September - Villain Couture! Much more my style!

'Evil Queen' - Snow White

There's just something about the drama and Old Hollywood diva-ness of the Disney Villainesses that lends itself beautifully to couture. Here are a couple of my favourites.

'Mother Gothel' - Tangled

'Maleficent' - Sleeping Beauty

'Cruella de Vil' - 101 Dalmatians

Cruella has to be my favourite (doll that is - Ursula the Sea Witch wins my favourite baddie overall!). They've captured her sneer so beautifully!

You can see the full range here - which one is your favourite?