Music Video Mondays: Adam Buxton/Summertime Blues

OK, so it's Monday and we could all do with a laugh, right? Right. Let's do this thing.

Today's video stars half of my favourite double act - Adam Buxton.  As part of his new show, BUG (which I have not seen! Curse you Sky Atlantic!), Adam has been making his own music videos to some of his favourite tunes. This time round, he's chosen Japanese metal band Guitar Wolf's 'Summertime Blues'. Directed by aforementioned genius, Garth Jennings, this is gloriously nuts and makes me laugh like a child every time I watch it.

To quote Bryony Quinn of 'OK Great!' - 'What is happiness, good people? Adam Buxton, dressed like an angry stick of rock with a beard and swimming cap, being directed by Garth Jennings to point at and avoid exploding sand moles in perfect synchronicity to music that sounds “like a cross between Rammstein and The Muppets.” '

Yup. That pretty much sums it up.