Videogame Crochet: Super Mario

It's been a little while since I posted anything crochet related hasn't it? I've certainly been doing plenty of it of late, so I figured it was time to share.

May is a month literally jam-packed full of birthdays for me. Most of my immediate family and a large number of my friends were all born in May, which means my creative brain is in overdrive trying to think of unique gifts for them all! More and more recently I've been turning to the internet for crafted gift ideas.

When I stumbled upon this little guy, I knew he'd be a perfect gift for my brother. So, I grabbed my hook and yarn and got started!

I found the pattern over on Golden Jelly Bean's site. She has a veritable treasure trove of gamer, anime and geeky crochet patterns, all based around a Sackboy framework. 

I tweaked the pattern a little bit, mainly as I didn't want to use the trademark Sackboy zip up his stomach and I think somehow he ended up smaller than he was supposed to be. Honestly, he was one of the trickiest crochet patterns I've ever made - I'm an intermediate crochet-er at best and some of the elements were at the limit of my knowledge but I'm really pleased with how he turned out (and my brother certainly liked his gift!).

I might just have to make a Luigi to keep him company! If this gives you the crochet bug, I have TONS of fun tutorials like this over on my Pinterest board. Anyone else made anything cool recently?