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At last! At last! Summer has finally landed in the North East of England - we've had nearly a whole day of sunshine! As we tip toe into July, I'm getting pretty excited about what it has in store for us, but right now, as has become customary round these parts, it's time to take a look at some of June's smaller highlights.

I celebrated the Queen's Jubilee with one of my first forays into home manicuring.

There were awesome game nights with friends.

Encounters with dragons.

Delicious lunches (all the best dinners are topped with sizeable chunks of mozzarella I think!)

Visits to beautiful places.

Craft nights filled with delicious sweet treats. This fantastical Chocolate Guinness cake was made by my dear friend Fiona - will have to give this one a try myself I reckons...

What did everyone else get up to in June?

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