Pixel Portraits - An Update

Remember back in January when I launched my new line of Pixel Portraits? Well, I thought I'd do a little update to show you what I've been up to since!

Frankly I've been amazed and touched at the response to my little product - I've had orders from all over the world! The US, Canada, Australia - and of course my native UK - it's been wonderful to be in touch with families across the globe.

Right, less chat, let's look at some pics!

One of the first orders went to Rebecca Wright of Permanently Disco all the way over in San Francisco. She not only wanted a portrait of her and her husband, but also one of their beloved red tandem bike!

My biggest portrait to date has been this lovely group of cousins, commissioned as a Mother's Day gift for an American grandmother.

This cute dinosaur love portrait was commissioned for Valentine's Day.

This Australian family wanted to celebrate their techno-lust so included an iPad.

Excitingly, a month ago, I decided to launch a spin off range - Pixel Weddings! There's something rather lovely about immortalising someone's happy day in stitches. Looking forward to doing many more of these in the future.

If you want to get your own - check out the Scarlet Pyjamas shop!


  1. Clicked through from your facebook page and your little pixel portraits make me so happy. Such an amazing idea for a quirky wedding present :-) x

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words! Pleased you like them! :D


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