A Crocheted Christmas...

I know what you're thinking - Christmas? What is she talking about?

Well I'm a little behind on sharing my latest craft projects.  These little guys were created as Christmas presents. I should have shared them aaaaaages ago - but you know how it is. Time gets away from you. So here they are now, better late than never and all that.

This first little guy was my friend Alison's Christmas present. Do you recognise him? That's right - it's Russell The Wilderness Explorer from Up! She dressed up as young Russell here for a Disney themed hen do a few years ago, so I thought he would make a fitting gift...

Here he is in all his scouting glory - badges and everything. Isn't he sweet? This was one of the most ambitious crochet projects I've undertaken to date, but I was really pleased with how he turned out! (Also, can we take a moment here to celebrate the awesomeness that is 'Up'? I've seen it a host of times, yet it has the power to reduce me to a weeping mess every time I watch it. But, you know, in a good way...)

If you fancy making your own little scout pal, I used this marvellous pattern.

Next up - Finn the Human! He was a present for my brother, who's a big Adventure Time fan. Might have to follow it up next year with his faithful companion Jake the Dog. He came together really quickly, a very satisfying project. Plus, you can't tell from this shot but he's a tall gentleman, over 30cm high!

If you fancy taking a shot at Finn - I used this pattern here.

This last one wasn't a Christmas present. And it's not yet finished, but I just couldn't resist sharing it with you all.
It's a teeny little cashmere/merino blanket for our little man. The yarn is crazy soft - I wish I had a grown up sized one to snuggle up in. All that remains to do is the edging, so I should really go and finish it before the little guy arrives!

What are you working on at the minute?