Erm... yeah... blogging...

So. I kind of went away again for a while didn't I?

It seems that maintaining a regular blogging schedule, raising a baby, running two businesses whilst also remembering to do things like eat and shower has been a bit beyond me of late. I genuinely don't know how all those pro-bloggers with kids do it! I swear they must have Bernard's Watch or something...

(for those not in their late 20s and living in the UK - this here is Bernard...)

But I haven't forgotten about you guys - I promise! In fact I've been jotting down a whole bunch of ideas and draft posts for a while now. Apparently it's National Blog Post Month (or NaBloPoMo - much more fun!) - the idea being that you write a post everyday during November. As it happens I only found out about this on the 6th. So I sort of missed that bandwagon. But, it encouraged me to blog a little more frequently than I have been. Which lets face it shouldn't be hard!

So, yeah. Let's catch up! What have you been up to over the summer? Anything fun?

And for now I will leave you with a picture of Little M in a sailor's hat. Can't say fairer than that...

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