Music Video Mondays: Retro Special!

(Spice Girls in a No Doubt box. Behold my excellent filing system!)
I apologise in advance for this post, but it simply had to happen.
Herein lies some seriously cavity inducing sugary pop.

Whilst busy-ing myself on the Internet the other day, I was absent mindedly flicking through the music channels in the vain hope of finding something good to listen to. Whilst I failed in that task, I did happen upon this little 'gem' by S Club 7...

So cheesy, so catchy. Damn. There it was in my head for the rest of the day.

After that I just couldn't resist diving headfirst into the rabbit hole and off I skipped to that strange corner of YouTube where songs from your tween years live. Songs that, whilst they seemed awesome at the time, are rather cringeworthy in retrospect.

So, rather than brushing it under the carpet I am embracing my pre-teen uncoolness and presenting some choice '90s/'00s hits for your delectation...

Ah B*Witched. So much denim...

OK, I confess, I had this one on in the car the other day...

Actually, I'm reclaiming this one. Holds up I think!

The only dance routine I ever knew!

And to round off, the piece de resistance - to my mind the best '90s tune there ever was...

Is there a song you're willing to admit you still like from your tween years?

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