New Year, New Look

The eagle eyed among you will have already spotted this, 
but Scarlet Pyjamas has an all new look!

As we stride into 2014, I thought it was time for a new set of digital clothes for the SP Blog - though it's not 100% finished, I was way too excited to keep it from you guys! (Those of you reading in RSS readers, please do come and take a gander). We've now got a much cleaner, sleeker look. More white space, fewer distractions - ah! I can breathe a sigh of relief just looking at it. I've had this styling in mind for so long, I couldn't be happier that it's finally here.

There are a couple of little additions coming soon, though I'm not launching those until I'm completely happy with them - all part of my resolution of refinement don'tcha know! They're going to take some learning!

I think my favourite part is that the comments section is now bug free! To celebrate, why not leave a message - just a quick 'Hi!' would do! I'd love to make your digital acquaintances...