Stitchy new-ness!

Man, oh man you guys like to keep me busy!

Maybe you've been wondering why there haven't been any cross-stitchy updates lately? Well, in short, I've been too tied up sewing them to talk about them!

It hasn't stopped me filling up the Scarlet Pyjamas shop with basket loads of lovely new things for you lot though, oh no! 

You've probably already guessed what the first item is from the picture above - yep, a Frozen portrait. I think I may have *actually* been the last person in the world to see Frozen (babies + cinema trips = hmmm) but once I finally did I absolutely had to stitch this. And the best bit? It's a instant download pattern so you guys can stitch it up yourselves for an incredibly bargainous price...

This next one I'm super excited about. And the best bit - you guys asked for it! Over the past year I've had a host of enquiries to the tune of 'This may be crazy, but we have a HUGE family - is X too many people?'. So for you lot who want to include the whole clan, I've created an extra giant super duper large portrait. I absolutely love stitching these. It's so much fun recreating family reunions and special occasions. 

For the rest of the new-ness I'm going to have insist you head over the shop and take a look for yourselves! Ooh, wait, before you go - watch this. Cracks me up every time...