Draw Lent: Week 7

Day 43: Experimenting with repeating pattern. Might have to get this one made into something real on Spoonflower.
Week 7 - the final week (not like that fake final week we had...). Part of me is sad to see the back of #DrawLent, though another part is a little bit pleased to have reached the end of the project - drawing every day is tiring! But mostly, it's been a hoot. Going to give my Wacom tablet and pencils a much needed holiday for a few days now though! Thanks for following along!

Day 44: Mike Wazowski. A firm favourite in the SP household.

Day 45: Was feeling a bit scandal today. Wondering if this one would work as a repeating pattern?

Day 46: This pretty much happens every time we read a book.

Day 47: Pretty much explains itself. Happy Easter y'all!