Local Heroes: No. 1 'Breadpoint'

This will be the first in a series of 'Local Heroes' around the North East - my hidden gems. These will be places down side streets, round forgotten corners - no big brand names here.

What better place to start than with some top notch food courtesy of the Breadpoint. Just outside of China Town in Newcastle, Breadpoint is an oriental bakery specialising in cakes, bakes, breads and pastries. Really REALLY good pastries!

Oh and did I mention it's cheap too? I got this whole box of tasty delights for less than £2! Happy Days. Loving the oriental twist on traditional baked goods - bean paste, char siu, cashews - delicious. Might have to go now. Making myself hungry here...

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  1. Haven't come across this bakery - guess where I'm going at the weekend???

    jane x


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