Music Video Mondays: La Seine

Morning everyone! Today's music video is actually a scene from an animated movie called 'A Monster in Paris', but personally I think it stands up rather well as a short.

The tune features the vocal talents of French performers Vanessa Paradis and -M- who also provide the speaking voices for the characters. I've not actually seen the film yet, but it's on high priority on my Lovefilm list, so I'll be sure to do an update when I've had a little more context. That said, I think this song tells you everything you need to know about this mismatched pair and the beautiful animation of Paris makes me itch to return to the City of LightsPlus it's crazy catchy. Enjoy everyone!

** Update - after I posted this, my friend Gary of Unterwelt Comics pointed me in the direction of a live action interpretation of the video featuring its real-life stars. And it's delightful. So here it is.