Local Heroes: No.5 - Garden Kitchen

It's been a while since we had one of these hasn't it? Too long I say! So, let us resume our line up of the North East's local heroes.

Today's selection, Garden Kitchen, sits right in the heart of Newcastle City Centre - in Eldon Gardens to be precise. As part of our quest to try as many afternoon teas as we can, we decided to visit a few weeks ago, after hearing that they had an unusual take on it. We were not disappointed.

The amazing tiny picnic tables.

Garden Kitchen have two afternoon tea options on the menu - both called picnics. Why picnics I hear you cry? Because they're served on tiny picnic tables of course! Yes you heard me, little wooden picnic tables that sit on your people sized table. When we saw these stacked up on the counter, we knew straightaway that's what we would be ordering. We opted for the 'Afternoon Picnic' seeing as it was the most dessert heavy (sandwiches, toast and tea were also included).

Beautiful chunky wooden menus.
The desserts themselves come in shot glass sized portions - but don't be deceived by their diminutive size -  there's definitely enough to go round here! When we visited the featured puddings were mint creme brulée, cider and strawberry jelly, lemon meringue eton mess and a popcorn chocolate pot. I swear, my eyes nearly fell out of my head. De-licious.

Everything was absolutely scrumptious and was polished off in record time. (We should really work harder at slowing down and savouring!) My favourite mini-dish had to be the mint creme brulée - look at that amazing colour! The combination of creaminess and minty freshness was a surprising treat.

After this first visit, we were compelled to return and found out, to our delight, that the items included in the picnic change regularly - we've had peanut butter and raspberry jelly, chocolate fudge and all kinds of other deliciousness. 

Afternoon teas aside, the menu is filled with wonderful looking dishes - we'll definitely be going back to try them out - very soon we hope!

If you're in Newcastle and you fancy something a bit different, I'd definitely recommend you give Garden Kitchen a visit.

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