Music Video Mondays: Frontier Psychiatrist by The Avalanches

Gather round children and I shall tell you a tale, a tale of a time before YouTube...

Younger readers, I hear you cry 'Surely not! No-one was alive that long ago! How did you manage?'. Well dear readers, we had music television. To be more precise, in my house, we had 2 whole channels of music television. I know right, pretty luxurious.

Yes, in those pre-YouTube, pre-cable days, whenever we found a music video we liked, only obsessive watching would ensure that we would ever see it again. Today's choice was just such a video. My brothers and I watched hours of MTV and the now defunct UKPlay in the hope of seeing a snippet of its weirdness. Many years later, it still fills me with bizarre glee.

I bring you 'Frontier Psychiatrist'. Altogether now 'That boy needs therapy...'

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