30 in the year of 30!

A month ago I hit the big 3-0. 

We packed up the car and a gaggle of lovely friends to have a fabulous weekend at Center Parcs. I think this picture pretty much sums up the vibe - excited children with equally giddy 'grown ups'. (Oh and this is pretty much what passes for a family portrait with Milo. The kid is an unphotographable blur).

Before the big day, people kept asking me -  'Oooh, how does it feel to be getting old?' My response?
Honestly it feels about right. I feel 30 and I think I like it. It really feels like the start of something good. My twenties were full of some wonderful ups and some serious downs. All in all, it's just fine by me to be drawing a line under them and moving on up.

I found a ton of blog posts where people had listed their 30 thirty things they wanted to do before they turned 30. Uh-uh, not for me. That sounds far too much like as soon your twenties end, it all goes downhill. Nope - I've decided on a '30 things I want to do NOW I'm 30'. Much more positive!

(Actually it's part of a much bigger list of goals for 2015, but 30 in 30 has a ring to it doesn't it?).

So, here comes the list!

1. Start blogging again (tick right off the bat!)
2. Do a self-portrait
3. Learn how to make macarons
4. Open the bottle of Kamaritis I bought in Santorini years ago and drink it!
5. Take a family holiday abroad (somewhere sunny with fabulous food please!)
6. Launch Scarlet Pyjamas gift certificates
7. Watch Game of Thrones (I appear to be only one on the planet who hasn't seen it!)
8. Try 5 new local restaurants
9. Visit Yarndale
10. Take a 24 hour internet detox
11. Beautify my back yard
12. Re-read a favourite book from my childhood
13. Try a 'Write or Draw Every Day for a Month' challenge
14. Make my own granola
15. Design a pattern and get it printed onto fabric
16. De-stash my craft supplies by only using what I've already got for new projects
17. Have a fondue party
18. Buy a proper grown-up pair of shoes
19. Finish 3 of my craft kits
20. Get a manicure
21. Have a date night with J
22. Learn 3 songs on my ukulele
23. Have a mega clear-out at home
24. Do something awesome for J's 30th birthday
25. Eat more fruit
26. Launch a new line of Pixel Portraits
27. Buy a bunch of flowers for each season
28. Take a road trip to Edinburgh
29. Cook 1 recipe from every cookery book I own
30. Make a new quilt

I feel excited about this list. Just writing it down makes me itchy to log off and get started - so off I go! 

Do you have any big resolutions or goals for 2015? Let's make it great guys!

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