Draw Lent: Week 1

Day One: Setting the Scene

My dear friend Gary set me a challenge just over a week ago.

Instead of giving something up this lent, take something up. Namely drawing. One drawing for each of the 40 days of lent. I totally loved this sentiment, taking something up seems so much more productive and enriching.

Yes! I was in. I do illustrate fairly regularly for clients, but this was a fabulous opportunity to do drawings that were quick, no opportunity to overthink or dilly-dally. (As a result, the drawings I've submitted are rather sketchy and, at times, a little rough around the edges, but honestly I could be happier about it! Goodness, I can be so precious about my illustrations sometimes...)

Here's a digest of the first 7 days. We're posting over on Twitter using the hashtag #DrawLent. You can follow my submissions here. Alternatively, Gary's doing a regular summary here.

Oh! And it's not too late to play along. Tag your drawings, we'd love to see them!

Day 2: Janelle Monae

Day 3: Sarah and Duck (for Milo)
Day 4: Suzy and Sam from Moonrise Kingdom (I think I'll be revising this one in later weeks)

Day 5: A mid-century modern experiment

Day 6: A typographic doodle whilst watching the Big Bang Theory

Day 7: A musing on the fact that my little dude loves T-Rexs but is terrified of penny whistles.