Every Day is Pancake Day

I love pancake day. In our house, it's regarded as one of the high holidays.

This evening, Little M and I tucked into an enormous stack of pancakes (seriously, it might have been too enormous. I'm Christmas levels of full). It all got me thinking - why are pancakes confined to one day of the year?

I'm serious. We're all grown ups here. Why do we wait until our calendars tell us we're allowed? Every day could be pancake day if we wanted it to be. I guess I'm using pancakes as a metaphor for a larger issue here. We should be in the habit of treating ourselves a little more often. Wear sequins to the supermarket. Go out for ice cream on a school night. It's these tiny little things that bring a little joy to the every day.

So, go out there and - as Donna and Tom would say - treat yo' self!