Draw Lent: Week 2

Day 8: Today coincided with the Parks and Rec finale. How could I draw anything else?

Week 2 of #DrawLent was a good one.

I really started to get into the groove of drawing every day. Honestly, it's been a great exercise - I'd definitely recommend it. After a first week of mostly hand-drawn stuff, I decided to let my commercial style creep in. It feels natural and comfy and there ain't anything the matter with that!

We're almost 3/4 of the way through over on Twitter if you want to follow the project live. If you want to see everyone's efforts, just search for the hashtag #DrawLent.

Day 9: Magpie. Symbol of our local football team and all round beautiful bird.

Day 10: I have thought this many times and often...

Day 11: Found this beauty on Pinterest. Nature is amazing.

Day 12: My folks just got back from Mexico with a boatload of Frida swag. They get me.

Day 13: Designed this for a friend, inspired by Satsuma Street's awesome designs

Day 14: A super mega-quick sketch of Aang - lead in one of my all time favourite shows.

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