Draw Lent: Week 3

Day 15: On this day I was reading 'No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency' - here's how I imagined Precious Ramotswe

By week three of #DrawLent, the ball was officially rolling. Instead of wracking my brains when it came to sit down and draw, I was finding that I had ideas in place for days ahead! Did you guys hear about that theory Jerry Seinfeld has about turning creativity into a habit? It totally works! By this point I was in such a groove I couldn't imagine 'breaking the chain' as he puts it. I would definitely recommend trying it if there's a creative habit you want to grow.

OK, enough waffle - here's this week's drawings!

Day 16: I couldn't imagine drawing Audrey Hepburn in anything other than black and white

Day 17: This day was a great example of being completely unwilling to break the chain and powering through. I was exhausted, with what seemed like zero creative space in my day - yet I managed to fit in a mega quick little doodle whilst I was waiting on the tea to come out of the oven. And the chain remained unbroken!

Day 18: I think I'm going to turn this one into a free cross stitch pattern - what do you think?

Day 19: This day was Mother's Day. I completely neglected to draw anything maternal and drew Maleficent instead!

Day 20: Foxes. Cute and hip until they wake you up with their nocturnal fight club.

Day 21: This day I learned that in Australasia, they have pink breasted robins. Wonderful! (Can you guys tell I have a real thing for drawing birds yet?)

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