Draw Lent: Week 4

Day 22: Had this one in the ideas pile for a while. These should be a real thing, am I right?

Week 4 was a funny one. I got a bit ambitious. Perhaps over ambitious. I found myself trying to do something intricate and full blown every single day - which was great, until it started to feel overwhelming. I was (for the most part) really happy with the drawings, but I was starting to put pressure on myself, which is so far against the point! So I pulled back, went for a more simple approach and balance was restored.
Day 23: Personal hero - Caitlin Moran

Day 24: This one seemed to resonate with a lot of people over on Twitter. Nice to know I'm not the only one!

Day 25: Nature is an endless source of inspiration. Believe it or not, this bug is based on a real insect!

Day 26: Jareth. I'll level with you guys, I'm not 100% happy with this one, but that's kind of the point of #DrawLent - no preciousness, just get something out there! 

Day 27: Mary Poppins - after a few days of very intricate drawings, it was nice to do something stripped back and simple

Day 28: Maneki Neko. Because we could all do with a little luck.

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